These are some of my favourite things...

It would be extremely rude of me to start blogging without presenting the contributors to the blog. Here goes!


(Update, March 2015: There's been a few changes since I wrote this post. The D700 is no playing second fiddle to the D800, while I now use almost exclusively the Mamiya M645 system for my analog photography)

Nikon D700

Nikon D700. The workhorse, delivering images reliably under any conditions, and any lighting. Preferentially used in tandem with the Nikkor 85/1.4D. The D700 is arguably a bit on the old side, and 6 years is definitely a long time when it comes to digital cameras. But, what was once a revolutionary camera still delivers more than sufficient quality (unless you need to shoot video...). And speaking of old, it's still the youngest of my cameras, by far! 

Nikon FE

Nikon FE. My go-to analog camera. Easy to use, light weight, and dependable. Acts as the analog half of my Nikon set-up together with my D700. The fact that these two cameras can use the same set of lenses and speedlights is nothing short of fantastic. Even though the age difference between these two cameras is about 30 years, they get along extremely well.

Leica R3

Leica R3. The collosus from 1976, cut from a solid block of cast-iron. This is one heavy beast, but the quality is equally solid. It's equiped with a Summicron 50, resulting in very creamy images with nice colours. The only reason I don't use this as often as the Nikon FE is that it is heavier, and I have more Nikkor lenses.

Rolleicord IV. A nice little TLR from the early 50s. Mechanically, it is as good as new, but the lens is extremely soft unless stopped down to about f8 or f11.

Rolleicord IV

Praktika LB. This is my latest buy. I still haven't gotten around to try it with film (so many cameras, so little time), but I hope I'll find time to do so before too long. If I'm perfectly honest, I'll have to admit I bought this only because of the very fashionable snake skin imitation. Also, I've always wanted to try some M42 lenses...

Praktika LB