Mamiya M645. Well hello, medium format

I finally got around to buy a decent medium format camera. After much deliberation, I chose the Mamiya 645 system. In the end I bought a Mamiya m645 1000s kit with 55/2.8, 80/2.8 and 210/4 lenses as well as a whole range of accessories.

 Mamiya m645 1000s

Mamiya m645 1000s

My choice of the Mamiya 645 system is due to that many of the other candidates are either too heavy (Mamiya RB/Z67, Pentax 67), too expensive (Mamiya 7) or simply not practical enough (TLR's like Rolleicord). My final selection was down to Hasselblad or the 645 systems of Mamiya and Pentax. Hasselblad is still a bit too pricey for me, and I prefer Mamiya over pentax, for some reason. I'll just have to keep dreaming about Hasselblad!

During the celebrations of midsummer of last weekend, I had the oppurtunity to test two rolls of film - Kodak T-Max 100 and Portra 160. The portra is waiting to be developed at the store, but I developed the T-MAX myself this morning, and here are the three presentable frames.

The amazing dog Pila. Such a great friend.

The host of the party, my uncle Ingemar

My uncle Birger

The negatives are scanned on a light table with my Nikon D700 with Micro Nikkor 60/2.8. Each frame was shot with 6 frames that were later stitched together in photoshop.